Background of Specialty Paper

With the progress and advancement of printing technology, the use of fancy paper that is not produced in the Philippines has become more and more popular in our market during recent decade. 

These papers which are divided into writing, text and cover are produced by specialized mills abroad, notably North America, Europe and now Asia, for printing of letterheads, catalogues, export garment tags, promotional materials, menus, tourist hotel brochures, advertising promo materials, big corporation write-ups, annual reports, restaurant menus, presentation folders, government and multinational corporation stationeries, invitation and greeting cards and other special events promotion use.

These papers and covers are created to convey messages in elegant and attractive style, sales of which are based upon the emotional motivation of the users.

In Asia, we call this range as “FANCY PAPER”, while in the western world, it is also known as “SPECIALTY PAPER”. Nevertheless they are the same, generally speaking.


The general characteristics of “FANCY PAPER” are:

  • Some come with embossing pattern to change appearance of the paper.
  • Some come with specialized textured surfaces.
  • Some are with granitized felt finish
  • Some are with colored fibers and/or with blend of specks.
  • Some come in with natural white and / or ivory shade with special sizing and light coating.
  • Some come with vellum antique finish.
  • Some come in various designs such as marble like feature
  • Some come in plain finish with excellent formation with distinctive watermarks. 

These papers and covers usually come in big sheets, packed in cartons and/or packages. Import volume is comparatively small. Normally one shipment consists of only one or two containers. 

As these papers are not produced in the Philippines and are being used also in various export and tourist industries such as garment, greeting cards, hotels and international conventions. Our government during the term of former president, Fidel V. Ramos, classified “Fancy Paper” under Executive Order No. 486 with 1% import duty.

We carry wide ranges of Specialty Papers with Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) contents. Available in every grade of paper with high to moderate levels of brightness. Many are acid-free for archival longevity.

Specialty Papers successfully runs on the most demanding copiers, office machines and printing presses.

Types of Specialty Paper available for:

  • Letterheads, Stationery & Envelopes
  • Business cards
  • Brochure Papers
  • High Quality Copy Papers
  • Offset
  • Text and Covers
  • Book Printing Paperwatermarks.