Cut-sized paper packs (Various)

Cut-sized paper packs (Various)

We have different types of papers for different applications in a minimum number of sheets, packaged in a reusable plastic bags. Comes in different sizes, grammages and color. 

Astroparche - When your projects need a touch of class, Astroparche is a superb choice. With a subtle color palette & a light, tactile finish, these papers are practical, elegant & versatile. Whenever your project needs to look classic & refined, choose Astroparche. Good for announcements, annual reports, brochures, certificates, diplomas, greeting cards, letterheads, menus and posters.

Available in 89 and 175 gsm in sizes: 8.5" x 11"; 8.5 x 13" and A4 sizes. Colors: Aged, Ancient Gold, Blue, Celadon, Gray, Natural, Sand, Shell, White.

10 sheets per pack

Made in USA
Inkjet/Laser compatible

Colors may vary from actual sample.

Athenea Laid - A quality paper brand with an image and style that combines the best of the ancient world with the needs of the modern age. Athenea Laid provides the user with the option of a traditional quality of classical Laid paper. An ideal choice when you require a quality presentation as a letter head, prestige and image.

Athenea is a high quality European product at alow economical price.

Available in White and Natural White

90 gsm

8.5" x 11"

10 sheets per pack

Inkjet/Laser Compatible

Color may vary from actual sample

Contrast Laid - 

a rich laid paper with neutral ph for a perfect performance with laser and inkjet printing. Ideal for premium applications such as Personal Letterheads, Annual reports, Advertising, Brochures, Invitations, Commercial printing and much more.

10 sheets per pack in 8.5" x 11"

90 gsm (without Watermark)

100 gsm (with Watermark)

Available in White and Natural White

Colors may vary from actual sample

Tablex White Board - A bright white multipurpose board with excellent smoothness and whiteness. Ideal for Menus, Business Cards, Direct Marketing cards, Greeting Cards, Post Cards, Tags and Calendars.

200 gsm, packed in sheets of 10's

8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 13" and A4 sizes

Colors may vary from actual sample

Venus Linen - Venus  brand hits the delicate balance of economy aNd class in today's economiY. A popular choice for promotional materials, hotel and restaurant menu's, business correspondence, sales kits and many more.

Available in White or Natural White; 180 gsm

10 sheets per pack

8.5" x 11" / 8.5" x 13" and A4 sizes available.

Colors may vary from actual samples

Astrobrights Flourescent colors - Get noticed with the flourescent colours of Astrobrights cut sized paper packs.


  • Blast-off Blue
  • Celestial Blue
  • Cosmic Orange
  • Fireball Fuchia
  • Jupiter Java
  • Lift-off Lemon
  • Planetary Purple
  • Re-entry Red
  • Rocket Red
  • Solar Yellow
  • Terra Green
  • Terrestial Teal

Colors may vary from actual image

Comes in 89 and 179 gsm in 8.5" x 11" ; 8.5" x 13"; 8.3" x 11.7" (A4)

Made in the USA.

Parchment Papers in packs  for certificates, diplomas, and important documents. Also ideal for home, school and office use. It's acid-free; for long-storage and display. 90 gsm, packed in 10 sheets each pack; 9" x 12".

Catalina CLA Paper packs - Excellent for business cards, invitations, greeting cards, school forms, reports, brochures, folders, corporate forms and many more. Usually packed in sheets of 10's in various grammages and color shade and sizes. All are Inkjet/Laser compatible.

Available colors: Buff, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Gold, Orange, Pink, Yellow. (NOTE: COLORS MAY VARY FROM ACTUAL IMAGE)

Origin: Spain

Exclusively distributed by PaperTree Stationers, Inc.

Colors may vary from actual samples